Our highschool, New Westminster Secondary School (NWSS), is proud to offer clubs and activities that speak to a wide range of interests – from the Dance or Physics clubs to the wide range of clubs to support local non-profits and charities, there’s sure to be something that will get you excited and engaged. These clubs change year to year, based on the interests of students and staff. Below is a list of some of the most recent clubs that you or your child may be interested in.

Club Location When Description
Alzheimer’s Society MS
Tuesday 4PM Alzheimer’s Society
promotes Alzheimer’s
awareness and fundraises
in support of the
Alzheimer’s Society of BC.
Art Club 1003 Tuesdays 11:30 The Art Club brings together students who enjoy creating and admiring art.
BC Childrens Hospital Club 2026 Wednesdays 11:27 BC Childrens Hospital Club fundraises and spreads awareness for our local childrens hospitatl by organizing sales and informative donation events.
BCSPCA 3005 Thursdays 11:30AM The BC SPCA club raises money to help in the prevention of animal cruelty and works to enhance and protect animal rights.
Best Buddies 3019 3021 Wednesdays 11:27 Best Buddies fosters friendships between people with and without developmental disabilities and promotes the inclusion of exceptional students within our school.
Business Case Competition Club 2004 Mondays 11:30 This club participates in business case competitions which include interactivwe activities, short lessons and mock cases.
Canadian Cancer Society 2018 Tuesdays 1130 The Cancer Society club promotes cancer awareness and raises funds to support the Royal Columbian Hospital Oncology department as wall as cancer research.
Chess Club 3004 Mondays 11:30 The Chess Club provides space for students to learn, play and compete in chess.
Create Change 2002 Tuesdays 11:30 As a part of an organization working together to help fundraise for girl’s education in Northern Ghana.
Debate Club 2002 Tuesdays 11:30 The Debate Clubs provides students opportunities to learn public speaking skills and build confidence while participating in debate tournaments.
Engineering Club 1012 Wednesdays 3:10 The Engineering Club is a place for students to build, make, think and share their creations and experiements. They build robots, program devices and build structures.
Environmental Club 2001 Thursdays 11:30 AM The Environent club meets for students to learn about and discuss climate crisis issues and pursues these issues inside the school and within our local community.
Esports Club ONLINE
French Tutoring Club 3003 Thursdays at 11:30AM This club aims to help you gain confidence in your French communication skills.
Go Club 2004 Fridays 11:30AM The Go Club is a place where people can come and learn to play GO, an ancient strategy board game that is popular in East Asia.
Grad Committee Drama Room Wednesday 11:30 Ms. Cave The Grad Committee plans and carries out grad events and the sale of grad merchandise.
GSA 2003 Wednesdays 1130 The GSA works to create welcoming, caring and safe spaces and community connections for students of diverse genders and sexual orientations and their allies.
Heart and Stroke Foundation MS TEAMS Fridays 4:30PM This club fundraises for, supports and promotes the message of the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation.
Honour Society 3010 Wednesday 11:27 The Honour Society raises money for girls education in Kenya and Tanzania, countries where girls are not often given the chance to pursue and education.
Indigenous Book Club 3001 Mondays 11:30 The Indigenous Book Club studies and discusses Indigenous-authored texts In order to broaden their understanding of Indigenous perspectives, issues and life experiences.
Indigenous Events Club 3001 Thursdays 11:30 The purpose of this committee is to support the indigenous community by raising awareness about historical and present-day issues. We will raise money and organize events that help students to gain insight to the indigenous community.
Interact Club 2032 Wednesdays 1130 Interact fundraises for Polio and the Elizabeth Fry Society in an effort to promote community outreach.
Japan Club 2004 Thursdays 11:30AM The Japan Club celebrates Japanese culture with various events
Jewelry Club 1004 Weds & Fri 11:30 We make jewelry!
Lend A Hand 2032 Wednesdays 11:27 The Lend a Hand Club provides community volunteering opportunities such as garbage clean up and volunteering a local seniors homes.
Math Club 2032 Mondays 3:15 The Math Club prepares students for math contests and encourages student to share and learn math techniques that they have learned.
Mental Health Awareness Club 3023 Fridays 11:35 Mental Health Awarenss Clubs aims to destigmatize mental illnesses and spread the importance of mental well-being. The club will also fundraise to donate to mental health organizations.
Model UN Club 2018 Wednesday 11:27 The Model UN Club exposes student to world issues and encourages students to have a global persepctive while practicing their public speaking skills.
Peer Tutoring Club 3001 Tues and Fri 3:15-4PM Peer tutoring club helps students in need of help with their homework.
Physics Club 2030 Fridays 3:05 The Physics Team aims to enhance problem-solving skills of physics enthusiasts with the goal for preparing for physics competitions.
Podcast Club 2010 Wednesdays 3:15PM Students will create and broadcast a podcast focusing on the overall life of an NWSS student and the world situation.
Run Club PE Classro om Tuesdays 3:20PM This club focusses on the non-competitive pursuit of personal running goals in an encouraging environment.
Science “Ninja” Demo Club 2010 Wednesdays 3:15 This science club allows student to get “hands on” with science”.
Science Challengers Club 3008 Friday 3:14 The Science Club prepares for and competes in regional science competitions and contests.
Socialist Literature and Discussion Club 2001 Fridays 11:30 This club discusses socialist literature in a group setting in order to deconstruct and understand complex political thought and language.
Strategy Games Club 1012 Wednesday 3:10 The Strategy Games Club is a place for student to meet, discover, play and challenge themselves. Games include Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer and Chess.
Student Press Theatre The Student Press produces a publication that presents topics pertaining to the needs and interests of the student body.
Student Voice 3025 Tuesdays lunch Student Voice advocates for students and acts as a consultation group for the school board administration and trustees as well as the school administration.
Theatre Tech Club 1216 Thursdays 3:15
Unicef Club MS TEAMS Tuesdays BiWeekly 4:30 The Unicef Club raises money and awareness for and about childrens’ issues (Unicef Canada)