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June 13, 2019

NWSS Final Report Card (June 27th)

The Term 4 Final report card will be available online via the MyEducation BC Family Portal on Thursday, June 27th at noon.

NWSS is now paperless in our communication with parents/guardians. This initiative will enable you to access your child’s progress more efficiently.

Please note that the initial set up for the parent portal account must be on a PC (not on an iphone or ipad etc). All students can also access the student portal and are able to print their report card.
You may email if you are having any issues with your login.

To access the portal website click here My Education login.

NOTE: once you have logged into MyEd, the report cards are available under SCHOOL top tab. Mid page there is a header PUBLISHED REPORTS you may then click on the report card listed below this header.