Application Procedure

We are now at capacity for September 2024. Thank you for your support. We are now accepting applications for January 2025, September 2025 and January 2026. Please note that we have limited capacity for one semester students for all start dates. Please contact our program staff for more information.

On-line Application

Thank you for your interest in the New Westminster School District International Education Program. If you are ready to begin, please visit the on-line application portal.

Please note the following application restrictions: 

  1. We are now accepting applications for January 2025, September 2025 and January 2026 for all grades. Please note that we have limited one semester space for all start dates.
  2. For parents considering elementary (Kindergarten to grade 5) and middle school (grades 6 to 8) placement for January 2025 and September 2025 please contact our office at regarding space availability before completing and submitting an application. 

Age Requirements:

  • Students who have completed their high school graduation in their home country and have reached the age of 18 should not apply for a high school program but should instead consider a college or other adult education option.
  • Students who are 16 or 17 and have completed grade 10 in their home country before they begin their high school program in Canada should consider four semesters or two school years to complete the language and graduation requirements. We encourage the parents or representatives of these students to contact the international program at for more information.
  • Although a student can successfully complete the graduation requirements after completing grade 10 at home we strongly recommend that students considering the British Columbia graduation program begin at a younger age to allow for the natural progression through grades 10 to 12 and graduation. For more information please contact a staff member of the international program or email to

Long-Term Fee Schedule for the 2024-2025 School Year

Long-Term Fee Schedule for the 2025-2026 School Year

Deadlines for Application

April 1st for September entry.

November 1st for February entry.

Included below is the process that your application to our program will follow:

Submit Your Application On-Line


Letter of Offer: If your application is accepted, we will send you a Letter of Offer. The Letter of Offer will state the program you have been accepted into, the fees payable to the school, and instructions for payment. If you are not accepted, we will send you a Letter of Refusal.


Submit Payment: To confirm your place in the program, please pay the fee totals stated on your Letter of Offer. The convenience of Flywire payment services are offered through the application portals. Flywire provides competitive rates on bank fees and exchange rates while allowing you to track your payments from start to finish. Please kindly note that application fees must be submitted before your application will be reviewed.


Official Letter of Acceptance: When we receive your fees in full, we will send you an Official Letter of Acceptance.


Authorization to Study in Canada: If you are studying in Canada more than six months you will require a Study Permit. With the Official Letter of Acceptance, you can apply for a Study Permit at the Canadian Embassy or consulate nearest you. Students from visa exempt countries studying less than six months do not require a study permit but will require an eTA (Electronic Travel authorization). Students with a Study Permit will already have the eTA linked to their permit. Please consult with your agent or with the nearest Canadian consulate or embassy for the entry requirements to Canada for your country. Study in Canada as an International Student


Prepare to Come to New Westminster: When you have received your Study Permit (if required) and have completed the eTA it is time to prepare for life and school in New Westminster. We suggest that you view our Pre-Arrival Information to assist in your preparation.


Arrival and Orientation When you arrive in Canada and after you have completed Customs and Immigration you will be met by your host family at the airport. In the next few days you will begin our one-week Welcome and Orientation before regular school begins. All new high school students are required to attend orientation.


Required Documents for Application

Please prepare the documents listed below. Documents with an * may require time to consult with outside sources (schools, physicians and so on) before being able to complete the application.  The online application system will not allow you to complete your session if these documents are not included. All Documents must be in PDF or JPEG format and no more than 5MB in size.

  1. International Student Agreement

The parent(s) listed on the application are required to sign the agreement. Please download the International Student Agreement, sign and date it in ink.

Please scan and upload as a single document.

  1. Record of Grades*

We require the previous two years of academic records for the applicant, translated into English. For example, if a student is currently in Grade 9 please include the academic records for Grades 7 and 8.  Graduating students must submit original or certified true copies of courses for credit prior to starting school.  For the application process at this time, a photocopy is sufficient.

Please scan and upload as a single document.

  1. Passport Picture Page

If the applicant possesses a passport, please scan and upload the photo page.

Please scan and upload as a single document.

  1. Academic Reference Form*

Please request a teacher, school counselor, or Headmaster/Principal to complete and stamp the academic reference for the applicant. If a letter of reference is attached it should be on school letterhead.

Please scan and upload as a single document.

  1. Medical Declaration Form*

The medical form should include all medical conditions minor or major. In some instances a physician’s letter stating a medical condition and a student’s suitability to study away from the home country medical services may be required.

Please scan and upload as a single document.

  1. Immunization records*

Please complete the Immunization section by using the drop down menu and adding the dates when each vaccination was received.  A chart of vaccinations and their dates can also be uploaded. Please ensure that all records are translated into English.

Please scan and upload as a single document.


Additional Required Documents

  1. Custodianship Declaration Form – Custodian for Minor studying in Canada*

If the applicant will not be part of our homestay program, a custodian must be assigned. The custodian must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, over 25 years old, and must live full time in the Vancouver area.

Please scan and upload as a single document.

A copy of the completed and notarized custodial forms (pages 1&2) can be sent to our office at before the issue of a Letter of Acceptance (LOA).

  1. Course Selection Forms

If the applicant is applying to high school admission, please complete the course selection form. This form will be used by our school counselors for class scheduling.

This form is mandatory and must be submitted at the time of application.

Please scan and upload as a single document.


Additional Documents (suggested, but not required).

Please scan and upload as single documents.

  1. Student’s letter of intent. This letter is written by the student explaining their desire to come to Canada and study in the New Westminster School District. It should outline their past studies, their interests and hobbies, and their future goals.
  2. Photo albums. Some students compile a photo album for the homestay placement process.
  3. Other documents. If you have other documents such as language test scores, please submit.


Please if you have any problems or questions regarding your application.